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senior portraits

black and white senior portrait

black and white senior portrait

The gorgeous Miss. D. came out to me for a mini-session for her senior portraits and possible headshots. I’m doing all my mini-sessions outdoors this summer, which has proved a bit difficult with all the rain, but everything is at least lush and green as you can see by her portrait below. We were able to get a variety of great shots in a short amount of time between rain showers today, and I can’t wait to show D. and her mom all the images!

Outdoor Senior Portrait

Outdoor Senior Portrait


Workshop Headshots

by Teya on April 25, 2009 in headshots,senior portraits

K was kind enough to let me shoot her session while my workshop participants watched (and joined in!). Here's a quick one for blog-land. Thanks K for being such a great sport!

btw, this was my 'winter' set that everybody loves…I keep meaning to take it down, but clients keep requesting it!

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Catching Up

by Teya on October 22, 2008 in family portraits,headshots,senior portraits

We are back from our two weeks in Gulf Shores! Every year we go around the same time and it is amazing that when we leave, it is summer and when we return, there is definitely a bite in the air and it is full on fall.

A few families, a headshot session and a bunch of seniors!







and this one really made it hit home that winter will be here soon! not only are the colors in full force, but we froze to get this!


Some Senior Mini-Session Images

by Teya on September 10, 2008 in senior portraits

Had a great time in the studio doing the mini-sessions and got some fabulous images for the yearbook.


Just for fun, a closer crop:

I know that some of you missed the mini-session day, but still would like a mini-session of your own.  I'm happy to open up the studio for 20 minute minis with the same pricing for a minimum of five seniors.  So if you want gorgeous yearbook photos with a minimum time investment, gather up four friends and give me a call!



by Teya on September 2, 2008 in senior portraits

For some reason I didn't use this old favorite location of mine much last season, so it was a treat to have a senior session here.  K. was a divine model and was like a seasoned pro at positioning for the perfect light by the end of our shoot. 
Although it's a bit of a hike to the best spots, I think it was worth it!



Back to work.

by Teya on September 1, 2008 in senior portraits

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!  We ventured out today with both little ones to see the parade in Charlton.  Both girls liked looking at all the sights, but neither were big fans of the loud noises.  Started to proof K's senior pictures.  I promised a preview yesterday, so here you go!



For C.

by Teya on August 31, 2008 in senior portraits

One of the great benefits of being a senior portrait photographer is I've scored some wonderful babysitters for the girls.  C. helped us out all day while we had our yard sale (a big event for A. since she has been Toy Story 2-obsessed lately).  I wanted to get some more for her senior pictures as we ran out of light during her official session, so I took C. to an old favorite location this evening.  Had to post one tonight! 

Tomorrow I will be sharing K's session from this morning.  Goodnight all!


This is M.  She was a total supermodel once we turned the fan on her!

Reminder: Senior portrait Yearbook Mini-Sessions on Saturday, September 6th
Your chance to get a fabulous portrait for the yearbook at a fraction of the normal prices.
$100, includes the yearbook image and a set of wallets.  Book today!

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An old friend

by Teya on August 24, 2008 in senior portraits

Well, she obviously isn't that old, but I shot her older brother's senior portraits two years ago, so it feels like I've known their family for a while :)

It was great to work with them again!  I loved that mom, dad and C. were up for everything, including dragging out a sofa AND driving to a field for these sunset shots.  We wanted seating, so out came the van bench and we managed to get a few shots before having to run away from the attacking mosquitoes.




After the storm(s)

by Teya on August 12, 2008 in senior portraits

We've had some pretty yucky weather here lately.  Lots of afternoon thunderstorms, which makes it difficult to shoot (and to work on the computer!).  Luckily the weather has been pretty good to me with my preferred shooting time in the evening.  This senior session was no different – the drive up was a bit wet, but the sun was peeking from behind the clouds when we started.  The ground was wet too, but C. was good about getting a little dirty (though we did find some stones to sit on, including this strangely neat stone table):

you may recognize this spot from a wedding last year.  I was psyched to shoot there again and do a bit of exploring, but couldn't resist this shot!


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