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Actor Headshot

Actor Headshot

This extraordinarily handsome young man is my vocal coach. Sure, laugh all you want, but I used to be very into music (I even went to the performing arts junior high!), and I wanted to indulge in an old passion, so JB and I arranged a barter. He had the um…pleasure…of listening to and helping me sing in exchange for what I hope are some kick-butt headshots for him. He hasn’t complained about any hearing loss yet, but I hope his images were worth it. Thanks for everything JB!

Outdoor Actor's Portrait

Outdoor Actor's Portrait

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M. is one of those kids I could photograph all day. It’s cliché, but the camera loved her! She has a great spirit, easy smile and the most beautiful brown eyes. She came out for a headshot mini-session and in ten minutes I had a ton of gorgeous shots  with an incredible variety of expressions. I just know that M. is going to light up any stage the way she lit up in front of the lens!

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Author Portrait

Author Portrait

Nancy here is a triple threat: smart, kind and pretty. It was a pleasure to photographer her in part because she kept telling me how great *my* smile was – right back atcha. Already a fairly prolific author, Nancy came to me for a headshot for her latest book. I’m looking forward to seeing it all together!

Take a look at her previous books and her page here.


Earlier this spring I held a headshot day at the Performing Arts Connection for the young actors and singers. I met a great group of kids who loved the camera. We didn’t have much time together, but it was still fun to chat w/them and capture their personalities. Sharing a few with you:
actress headshot
child actor headshot
singer headshot

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Workshop Headshots

by Teya on April 25, 2009 in headshots,senior portraits

K was kind enough to let me shoot her session while my workshop participants watched (and joined in!). Here's a quick one for blog-land. Thanks K for being such a great sport!

btw, this was my 'winter' set that everybody loves…I keep meaning to take it down, but clients keep requesting it!

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Catching Up

by Teya on October 22, 2008 in family portraits,headshots,senior portraits

We are back from our two weeks in Gulf Shores! Every year we go around the same time and it is amazing that when we leave, it is summer and when we return, there is definitely a bite in the air and it is full on fall.

A few families, a headshot session and a bunch of seniors!







and this one really made it hit home that winter will be here soon! not only are the colors in full force, but we froze to get this!



I’ve had the privilege of shooting images for the Performing Arts Connection and their upcoming brochure.  I’m enjoying meeting all the talented teachers and students!

This young lady, a budding performer herself, came into the studio for some headshots this weekend.  Here is a little sneak peek for her!



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Mrs. Massachusetts 2007

by Teya on May 23, 2007 in headshots

Meet the new Mrs. Massachusetts, Wendy Reynolds.  We had a session for some publicity images earlier this month.  Let’s all wish her luck as she competes in the Mrs. United States pageant!

Wendy, in the prettiest pink coat I’ve ever seen:
and decked out in her regalia:

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Turning the Tables

by Teya on March 14, 2007 in headshots

I got the chance to shoot the lovely R., a photographer from New York.  I love this one – it was towards the end of our session, and I think R. wanted her camera, so she had to make do and ‘shoot’ me with her hands.



by Teya on February 11, 2007 in headshots,senior portraits

A little bit of spring style in the middle of winter:

and a little bit of winter too:


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