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Author Portrait

Author Portrait

Nancy here is a triple threat: smart, kind and pretty. It was a pleasure to photographer her in part because she kept telling me how great *my* smile was – right back atcha. Already a fairly prolific author, Nancy came to me for a headshot for her latest book. I’m looking forward to seeing it all together!

Take a look at her previous books and her page here.


Earlier this spring I held a headshot day at the Performing Arts Connection for the young actors and singers. I met a great group of kids who loved the camera. We didn’t have much time together, but it was still fun to chat w/them and capture their personalities. Sharing a few with you:
actress headshot
child actor headshot
singer headshot

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Tiny Dancer

by Teya on September 12, 2008 in Teya's Life,commercial photography

As many pictures as I take and share of my little ones, I still get excited to see my daughter in print!  One of my partner businesses, The Performing Arts Connection, needed a last-minute photograph for an ad in this month's Bay State Parent.  Luckily I had a model on hand for just this kind of request (and one who happens to love dressing up in her ballerina outfit):


Ainsley had her first class of the season this week too – creative movement for 3-year-olds, and Sam is a great teacher. It looked like a lot of fun!

Check out the ad if you happen to get the magazine, and if you are looking for a dance class (or other performance class) in the metrowest area, get in touch with the Performing Arts Connection.

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I’ve had the privilege of shooting images for the Performing Arts Connection and their upcoming brochure.  I’m enjoying meeting all the talented teachers and students!

This young lady, a budding performer herself, came into the studio for some headshots this weekend.  Here is a little sneak peek for her!



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