Teyaphoto's second set of action conversions.
Hover your mouse over the image to see the original file.

Run it on every photo one or more times to brighten and enhance colors.

A dramatic conversion to simplify an image.

Smooth skin for total glamour. Similar effect to more expensive conversions.

Use on those bright/overexposed images that get blown by ordinary conversions.

Fully customizable conversion that guides you but gives you control.

Teyaphoto Action Pack 2 includes five conversions: two black and whites and three color conversions to enhance your personal or professional images.  Make things faster and easier by achieving results with just one click.

These actions have been tested with Adobe Photoshop 7 and above.

License is granted for both personal and commercial use for a $5 fee. Purchase via PayPal through the link below.  Once payment is received, you will promptly be sent an email with download instructions.

Click to Purchase Teyaphoto Action Pack 2